Set Up Analysis

Individuals or teams come to us to get help with their suspension set-up when they think they can get more from their chassis.


We offer a “full” set-up measurement and analysis service where we look at all of the following, although sometimes we undertake a more focused analysis of individual elements;


  • Damper dyno testing (both function and performance)
  • Anti-Roll Bar rate testing
  • Spring rate testing
  • Kinematics (e.g. roll centres, bump steer etc.)


We use the measurements taken from the car to calculate suitable settings – we can then set the car up ourselves or give the information to customers for them to do it. We also spend some time talking with the Driver to understand the way the car feels on the track and correlate this to the results to the analysis.


Our work isn’t confined to the workshop – we also work at the track, often alongside Driver coaches.


Our set-up analysis work is great value for money and invariably identifies improvements that lead to quicker lap times. We have many examples of where our analysis has led to significant gains – at a significantly lower cost than simply going for more power.


Typical cost for full set-up analysis – £450