Anti Roll Bars

Anti-Roll Bars play an important part in circuit car handling. They allow you to adjust the roll stiffness of the car and also optimise the balance of the car (understeer/oversteer).


This means that it’s important not only having ARBs that are easily adjustable but also ones that provide (and suitable) a wide range of adjustment.


Cornering Force has developed an adjustable Blade ARB system that have the following benefits;


  • Quickly adjustable without needing tools
  • Wider range of adjustment than “bolt-on” styles of ARB
  • Tubular construction much lighter than solid ARBs
  • Mounting block system virtually eliminates “stiction” – a grip killer
  • Stiffness rates are designed for the application


Cornering Force has a range of standard ARB kits for popular cars and also makes bespoke ARBs to order. Please contact us to discuss your application.