Dampers are vitally important to the handling of the car – they must be correctly adjusted and well maintained.


Cornering Force offer the following services;

Damper testing                                Dyno testing to check they are working correctly, matched and providing suitable damping rates for the car

Damper Servicing and Repairs   Thorough internal and external clean and re-assemble with new seals, oil, re-pressurise (as applicable) and dyno test.

Damper Revalving                           Altering the internal valving to change the damping characteristics to suit the car.


Cornering Force has extensive experience of most makes of competition dampers – we have a great relationship with the manufacturers and are able to service, repair and re-valve using original parts.


We work closely with teams and individuals to offer a regular preventative maintenance service with service work only carried out when necessary.


Typical Costs

Testing                 £20 fixed damping, £25 adjustable dampers (each)

Servicing             £95 coilovers, £115 inverted struts (each)

Revalving            £105-£125 depending on type of damper (each – includes a service)


There is a small additional charge for seals and oil. There is also a £5 charge to remove springs and return them to the same preload on completion.