• Tubular T45 steel ARB with double blade adjustment
  • TIG welded
  • Blades are heat treated/plated high quality spring steel
  • Supplied with full fitting kit and instructions
  • ARB body is powder coated satin black.
  • Half the weight of a solid ARB that gives the same stiffness rate
  • Massive range of adjustment for optimum set up
  • Very fine adjustment increments
  • Quickly adjusted by hand
  • In-car adjuster option available
  • Aluminium mounting blocks for reduced friction
  • Supplied with fitting kit

Blades are adjusted by pulling on spring loaded detent pin, simultaneously rotating the blade (by hand) into another hole in a locating tab then releasing the detent pin to lock in the new position. Alternatively, an in-car adjuster kit can be fitted to adjust on the move.

When both blades are in the fully stiff position, rotating one blade to the fully soft position reduces the linear rate of the bar by approx. 40%. Then rotating the other blade to the soft position reduces the bar by a further 40%. This large range of adjustment is incredibly useful to set up the overall roll stiffness of the car to suit the spring rate, tyres and driver preference as well as balancing the relative front-to-rear  stiffness for grip balance (typically over/understeer).

This ARB  can be fitted to a standard front subframe using a simple adaptor bracket that bolts on in the place of the OEM mount with no modification to the subframe. If the ARB is being fitted to a Grp A chassis with the ARB mount removed from the subframe and re-positioned onto the chassis then please advise at the time of ordering as the end float rings are in a different position.

Delivery lead time: 2 weeks