Our very popular in-car adjuster is a replica of a period Grp A BMW Motorsport item and suits both the historic market as well as more contemporary cars.


The adjuster comes complete with 2 arms to allow both front and rear ARBs to be adjusted – one arm can be removed if only a single blade bar is being remotely adjusted.


The adjuster is supplied with a stand-off spacer and 2 laser cut mounting brackets that can be tailored to suit most applications. If you have a specific mounting requirement then please advise us at the time of ordering and we will get a laser cut bracket made to your exact spec/drawing (typically no extra cost but a little extra lead time).


The original installation for this adjuster used 2 small brackets for the cable outer ends mounted onto the transmission tunnel just in front and behind the adjuster body. We supply these brackets with the kit. In cases where this fitting is not feasible or desirable, we supply an alternative version of this product with a set of brackets that mount directly onto the adjuster body that take the cable outer ends.


The adjuster can be used with any blade ARB where there is a cable mounting facility provided. Most of the Cornering Force ARBs can be supplied with remote adjuster brackets and arms already fitted.


Push/pull cables are supplied/charged separately as we need the customer to measure and advise the length needed from the blade position to the adjuster position. Please decide the route to be taken, allow generous bend radii and avoid proximity to anything hot.


Lead time: 2 weeks